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About us?

In 1998, Mallorca Verda was the pioneer, here on the island, which has produced various traditional products of Majorca..

Mallorca Verda was born thanks to a project of the Iniciativa Comunitaria Equal, for the integration of women and men in the rural areas, who are older than 45 years, and young people, who have difficulties in the labour market.

Primarily, Mallorca's cultural culinary knowledge was used to bring a series of products on the market that both are known and traditionally used by the inhabitants of the island, although they were still not commercially driven until then.

It is a combination that was reserved for only a few visitors who were lucky enough to experience the taste and the aroma of our healthy traditional cuisine.

We offer not only traditional products, but introduce some new products that arise from the gifts that gives us the soil of Mallorca. And others, a combination of ingredients of the island, with others who have come to us over the sea.

The almond, the product par excellence in the field of Agriculture of Majorca, our jams and our patés, are unique and exquisite manufactured.

The majority of our products have a unique character. Made from fresh products of Majorca, and processed with herbs and spices traditionally used on the island, make it possible, to bring a part of the flavor to the table in every corner of the world.

The singularity and uniqueness of our products prevents us from using DO and IPG from Mallorca to avoid the uniformity they demand.